Inexplicable - an artwork by T Newfields

I Can't Tell You Why Love Is Essential
But can tell why beer is consumed.

I Can't Say Why So Many Are Starving
But can say that eco-disasters loom.

I Can't Suggest Why Grecian Urns Are Precious
But do know beauty transcends all tombs.

And when all words are distilled
I suggest this –
life's a celebration of sheer terror
& breathing is an important act.

Ultimately we should get off our butts
& heed distilled spirits:

Jack Daniel 'n Jim Beam
understood that.
Nadia: Huh? Jack Daniel understood what?
Wan-Sze: How to make a good whiskey, of course!
Will: I think his real secret was how to make a handsome profit!
Kasim: (shaking his head) Wouldn't the world be better off without alcohol?
Aren't we too intoxicated by materialism?