Mycologic Manifesto - an art work by T Newfields

Mad mushrooms of desire
Move through membranes of memory
Transforming minions of thought
Into spunky spores hankering for kargyogamy

Psilocybin-inspired euphorias
Infiltrate neural arrays
Urging us toward new syngamies
As molecular-driven packets
Alter perceptions in many ways

Residual rhizomes of consciousness
Transform whole societies
And the vegetative hypae of
Mass consumers can be altered
Through spiritual kargyogamy

The Earth is Pregnant
With Countless Intoxicating Spores
And sooner or later we'll enter a state
In which the microbial tissue in our heads
Extends in all directions as
We become honorary members
Of the Grateful Dead.

Chris: Hasn't the author read too much Timothy Leary or Carlos Castaneda?
Miok: Yep, kargyogamic consciousness is not going to save the world.
Cantara: Besides – isn't this poem about hankering rather than love?
Tim: Does there have to be a difference?