Intertwined - an art work by T Newfields created in July 2002
Tim: (gazing at the image) At times I think mathematics is the highest form of beauty.
Miok: Indeed. Isn't all music, poetry, and art an elegant mathematical calculation?
Cantara: I wish things were that clean and symmetrical. Entropy is everywhere and a degree of randomness seems inevitable.
Chris: Strange as it seems, randomness contains order and seemingly "perfect order" has some randomness. What I'd like to know is why this image resembles Bratwurst . . .
Tim: Well, perhaps some a previous lifetime you were German? For some strange reason, that's what you see. Other people will see different things.
Miok: (mischievously) I, for example, see a partial Dyson sphere with a series prolate ellipsoids in a circular obit around a neutron star. Well, does that mean I was an alien in a previous lifetime?