Guidance - an art work by T Newfields created in Nov. 2001
Tim: (gazing at the image) All Abrahamic religions seem to suggest that transcendental wisdom is revealed only to a few special persons at rare points in history, and we have a duty to follow the edicts of sacred texts.
Chris: Indeed. The presumption seems to be that ordinary humans are ignorant and sinful, and only by scrupulously following a given orthodox scripture can any semblance of grace be attained.
Cantara: Let's be honest: humans lifespans are short and our knowledge is very limited. In many ways we are like sheep in need of guidance.
Miok: (laughing sarcastically) Often what we call "guidance" is usually simply coercion. And isn't religion itself is a form of shrewd manipulation?
Tim: (raising his eyebrows) Well, people are always being manipulated: if not by the church or state, then by various corporate interests and marketplaces. To some extent consciousness is like a pinball machine and skillful operators can sway sentiments in the directions they desire.