Forests of Time - an graphic manipulation by T Newfields
in ancient forests time runs deep
as space expands with kuntless seeds
& branches sweigh kunstantly
as memories kumpost
among rotting leaves

look at forests wid discerning ayes
see whare thare hidden patterns liegh

feel tha breath ah each tree
& remember
furrests are cradles
aye – they argh the lungs
ah so many beings!

as bulldozers work relentlessly
across the planet,
will they becum our cement-
Tara: (shaking her head) What's the author trying to accomplish with this mutant spelling?
Noel: Don't you realize? All of us are mutants.
Gwen: Besides, such spelling is more interesting: additional shades of meaning can be conveyed.
Orapan: The relationship between structure and meaning is fascinating to explore, but to be frank why should we care? Aren't we already overloaded with information?