Like $hell$? - an art work by T Newfields

Like $hell$?

under water among sea laver
fiddler crabs & trumpet shells
feasting on diatoms
plankton & kelp
this body expanded
& became encased
with interiors of delicate peach
& lips like watercolors
by Georgia O'Keeffe

One day a fisherman bagged me
then slit me with a knife
after which
my casing was packaged
shipped & $old
as a trinket
for people
bored to death
by their hollow, shell-like live$

sea shells $ell

why worry if
profit for $ome
$uffering compel$?

must compassion whisper

Andrei: Isn't it naive to expect 'compassion' in zhe business world?
Soo: In the short term yes, butto maybe not in the long term. Many things change when we take a long-term view. Time is a great homo . . . homogunnu . . . homogenizer!
Ellesha: I wish more people understood how the threads of all lives are interwoven.
Jules: . . . euh . . . Who does the weaving?