Andrei: (scratching his forehead) Who is being addressed in this poem? Who's the author writing for?
Soo: I'm not sure. The author seems to defy logic, but I rike that: he's nut afraid ahh seeming strange.
Philyra: Perhaps poetry has its own logic. Indeed, what we call 'ordinary logic' is actually an intellectual straight-jacket.
Immensity - an art work by T Newfields


Let me taste your froth & accept your body
as your currents mingle with mine . . .

Next to you, there's no fear ah crashing.
From your immensity comes a confidence
nothing undermines . . .

Isn’t love like swimming
& working with currents faced?
Waves are opportunities for exploration.
And if we crash – what of it?
Water finds an optimum shape.

Crashing against sands of logic
Why worry about mere foam?
The dance of earth, moon & water
is the most sublime movement we're shown.