As acres of forests end up in smoke
and factories poison our air
my heart turns ashen and starts to choke.        
"Rest assured," Gaia said,
"soon enough humans will be nowhere."

As more rivers become latrines
and deserts replace former green
a sense of toxic ennui takes hold of me
reeking with pools of acrimony.

"No need for that," Gaia chastised,
"each species is a mere flicker in time."
Gaia's Voice - an digital collage by T Newfields
As more and more forests disappear
& governments promote
widespread disinformation & fear
umbrage ruptures my spleen.

"That’s not useful," Gaia rebuked,
"You're part of the problem –
but the solution too.
Look closely at what you detest:
Much is taking place
partly at your behest.

Closely observe w
here your time, energy, and money goes.
Notice physical
and psychic investments :
How does your consciousness flow?"

Elijah: (shaking his head) I disagree with this poem. I can't see how I am personally responsible for egomaniacs such as Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, or Tayyip Erdoğan.
Jules: (smiling) Eh bien, don't most people have a little Napolean within them yearning to conquer the world?
Andrei: I can hardly "conquer" my own foolish passions. Why should I attempt to control the world?
Ellesha: (shrugging her shoulders) Well, many of the Hitlers and Napoleons and Trumpty-Dumpties that we detest also exist within our own breast.
Philyra: (laughing) Are you trying to be a poet or something ridiculous like that?