Towards Stillness - a photo by T Newfields

Towards Stillness

Be still as a lake without ripples
glowing in the moonlight
Still as the creatures of the forest
sleeping in the depths of night.

Hey there!
Wait a moment!
What's thizzz?

a temple priest
whispers –

"Calm your mind.
Still your breath.
Then notice
each object –

In order to see
cease noisiness."

Towards Stillness - a graphic image by T Newfields

An-Yi: So do you actually believe there is some kind of transcendental stillness beyond the noise of this world?
Chariya: My personal belief is irrelevant. If such a sacred stillness does exist, it does not need my confirmation.
Daiki: (looking straight at An-Yi) The only stillness is death. Everything else is an illusion.
Bhäraté: Well, if you've already made up your mind about this, what is there to say?