Prologue to Part II

Daiki: Can you make sense of India?
Bhäraté: (laughing). You could spend many lifetimes in India and still never fully make sense of it.
Chariya: I think the best thing is to experience India directly, then worry about "sense" later on.
Daiki: And how would you do that?
Chariya: (shrugging his shoulders). I dunno – there is no single formula. Each person will come to India in their own way. Literally and figuratively, they will carry different baggage and go to different destinations.
An-Yi: So what is the defining hallmark of "India"?
Chariya: (perplexed) Why should a country need a single defining hallmark? There are many hallmarks in India, and each with its own glory.
An-Yi: Thank you. (a bit cryptically to herself) I think you have answered my question.