Demokurashii A La Japon:

Some critical reflections about freedom in the land of the rising sun
Demokurashii A La Japon - an art work by T Newfields

If Japan izz ahh democracy
then why can't people select
their own Prime Minister?

If itz ahh democracy
why zits Constitution
largely ignored?

If Nippon izz ahh democracy
why argh so many decisions made
in private?

If itz izz ahh democracy
then why argh so many laws
haphazardly enforced?

Wake up –
Nippon is simply an oligarchy
in which daimyo elites
& zaibatsu cliques
serve as regal lords.

Daiki: Why Japan-bash?
Chariya: Yeah, this statement could be made about almost any country in the world.
Bhäraté: I think we should conceptualize democracy as a spectrum. Perfect democracy – like absolute zero – is never realized. However, many ideals still have value even if they are never fully achieved.
An-Yi: (sighing) Isn’t so-called “democracy” merely another hollow marketing ploy? To me, "democracy" seems like a worn-out cliché – something Western powers use at their convenience, then ignore when it is not expedient.