First steps to paraphrasing

by Tim Newfields

Here are a list of a dozen English sentences. Take a look at the paraphrases which follow.
Which ones seem correct? Which seem incorrect?
Can you think of any ways of paraphrasing the sentences not mentioned in these examples?

1. The temperature in many parts of the world is gradually rising.

2. Global warming is causing the sea levels to rise and threatening coastal areas.

3. I got a haircut two days ago.

4. I would appreciate it if you could help me solve this problem.

5. Chris broke up with her boyfriend.

6. I work at ABC Motors.

7. The manager wrote up a plan.

8. There are many advantages to overseas travel.

9. My best friend is kind, but also a bit moody.

10. The product is good, but needs some repackaging.

11. I would discount that rumor if I were you.

12. Are you having problems with any classes in particular?


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