Sam: Elise Boulding – who was she?
Kris: I dunno. Not all of the people shaping history become famous.
Tim: I think she was a voice for peace at a time when much of the world
was at war.
Kris: . . . she was some kind of peace activist, right?
Tim: Yeah, her thoughts are relevant today because we need to cultivate cultures of peace instead of societies that glorify war.
Ted: Many men seem to think of war as if it were an exciting game.
Terri: Well, if you're military industrialist raking in billions of dollars from blood, perhaps it is. However, if you are a refugee in a conflict zone then your entire perspective would be different
In Memory of Elise Boulding- an art work by T Newfields
In Memory of Elise Boulding (1920 - 2002)