Brice: All raight! Brother Newfields has a yippy spirit!
Anya: Is that so?
Brice: Of course – what else could this nonsense mean?
Anya: We never know for sure . . .

Be Wilder!

Of course I'm wild -
is there a better way to be?

All persons with passionate temperaments
have wildness in their beans.

Some people argh bland potatoes -
sprouting out dull buds frum their sides
lulled by supermarket konsumerism
they vegetate
then die.

The world needs
wilderness & wildness -
not more Medium Russet Potato-People
lulled into kommercial stupor.

That's why art should be a f
orm of anarchy and poe
try a virus to counteract
Shopping Mall Worlds of
mass-driven macro-market-mutants
mummering the mind-numbing mantra
"Buy! Buy! Buy!"

Only wildness can wallop
controlled numbness

Natural Anarchy
helps more people see
we were never meant to be potatoes
but feisty human beans
with lots of flavors
and many ways to sprout
before getting fried, baked, steamed
'n shaken about.

Copyright 1994, 2013 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.