Spiritual Mutations:
A Pointless Sermon by Rev. Newfields

The Noble Path iz ta muck asspirents free
not ta bind 'em with rituals
err komplex liturgy.

Kristianity farst aroose in humble simplicity
nut with bishops chunting extensive kreeds
argh claimin' soul understandin' ah Divinity.

Izzlum starghted az a religion ah peace
focussin' on surrender ta dah Kosmic Will -
not attackin' udder views
err issuin' fatwahs ta loot & kill.

The Sikh Way wuz inspired fa thuse who Seek
not ta introduce social divisions
err kreate jobs fer those wishin ta preach.

All religions mutate over time.
Original simplicity getz lost
& through the smallness ah human minds
ideas argh muffled, twisted, 'n tossed.

Call me a heretic if ya must
but I maintain wisdom's a verb – nut a noun
& lasting wisdom is not 2B found.

Anya: Isn't this dude on dangerous ground?
Devani: Well, it's foolish to claim what any faith actually believes.
Carlos: In nearly all faiths, there are so many streams. The diversity of belief in each tradition is amazing.
Brice: So is human short-sightedness.
Copyright 2005, 2013 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.