Brice: Okay - I'm reading. What I sense here is a person afraid to reveal himself.
Devani: Nearly all people are like that. It's a survival strategy.
Anya: Yeah, but it's too easy to become disembodied and exist solely as a mask.
Carlos: Isn't that what spiritual death amounts to?


Excuse me while I put on my face –
I'm not ready to see anyone yet.
Just a moment to adjust this smile
And get things properly set.


OK, now everything is set.
I can say what's expected
according to prescribed protocols:

"Hello fellow citizen.
Good to see you today!
How's blah, blah, blah?
Everything here is hah, hah, great!"

"Work is wonderful –
management is a joy.
Yes, I 'm very happy with the government
and productively employed."

"Of course I have faith in the System –
It's the best in history!"

"Our leaders are Supremely Wise
and care about you and me."


Why do so many people live this way –
fostering delusions of wellness
that are fake?

The answer is obvious;
if too many people wake up
revolutation will be at stake.

Copyright 1993, 2013 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.
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