Many Voices, Many Selves

Many Voices, Many Selves: an image by T Newfields
When my stomach speaks
it often pleads,
"Eat more and be merry!"

If my legs have their say
they tend to proclaim,
"Move around & make more discoveries today!"

When my groin has a voice
it almost always enjoins,
"Intimate sex is a splendid choice!"

If my buttocks make any request
predictably it’s this behest:
Sit down, relax, & rest!

If my wallet talks
reluctantly it balks,
"Thrift is a primary need."

Listening to these voices
I'm often unsure which one to heed.

To which voice is my allegiance due?
Is there any way this discordant chorus inside my head
can become a coherent crew?
Anya: The notion of a single self is a fiction. As Yuval Harari said, we're not "individuals", but rather divided "di-viduals."
Devani: That might be so, but in complex environments we need fictions to function effectively. We have to act "as if" we had a single, coherent identity even though there's a clamorous hoard of competing identities inside of us.
Brice: I prefer to think of humans as interactive computer software programs that attempt to rewrite their scripts.
Carlos: You've spent too much time in front of a computer screen. We are actually biological organisms. We're flesh and blood with limited elasticity and very finite intelligence.