Gudspeake - a pictoral poem by T Newfields

Anya: Hmm. Whenever humans claim to know things about God, they invariably get into trouble.
Devani: To the contrary – faith in God might well be the only thing saving us from trouble.
Carlos: Hmm. I look at this way: trouble is going to come no matter what
we believe. However, a humble faith can make calamity more endurable.
Brice: Humble faith? Aren't religions by definition arrogant?
Carlos: I don't know, but humble faith is rooted in something deeper than dogma. . .
Brice: Hmm? What's called 'humility' often seems like weakness. Isn't it easy to confuse the two?
Devani: For sure. Human strength like that of a flea. Generally it is insignificant, but sometimes surprising.