When Fortune Smiles - an art work by T Newfields

When Fortune Smiles:

Some thoughts about felicity

If you can laugh like a six-year-old,
dream like a sixteen-year-old,
love like a twenty-six-year-old,
plan like a thirty-sixty-year-old,
and nurture others like a sixty-six-year-old,
you are indeed fortunate.
Brice:   (shrugging his shoulders) Like most poetry, this is simply nonsense.
Anya:   It certainly makes an over-generalization error. Not all sixty-six-year-olds are nurturing and not all sixteen-year-olds dream boldly.
Devani:   (pausing, then with a distinct Hindi accent) Actually, we need more nonsense. Literally speaking, nonsense implies "transcending the senses." We should transcend all senses to reach a state of pure Atman, or transcendent being.
Carlos:   (laughing) Sense or nonsense, you certainly have a way of spinning words!