Carlos: There's something perverse about this poem.
Brice: Really? I simply think of it as playful.
Anya: I'm not sure. It's hard to tell whether it's childlike or twisted.
Devani: I don't think the author takes himself seriously – why should we?

Glory to God in the Highest,
And Glory to grog,
if it please your Highness.
Let us Glorify the frogs,
and see which one cun jump the highest,
And give to glory those in perpetual fog,
since they know where half-truths liest.

Peace on Earth and good will towards men,
And a piece of mirth -
for what good it'll do 'em.
A piece of 'er is good enough fer several men
And priests will err,
but beg forgiveness in the end.


Copyright 1991, 2007 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.