Final Meditation - an art work by T Newfields
Dmiritri: Did any of these words resonate?
Frida: Sort of, but I wonder why the author was not more actively involved in fostering peace . . .
Satoru: He might have been in ways we cannot see.
Ying: Or he might have been simply a lazy wimp who lacked the guts to carry his ideas.
Satoru: A bit a skepticism about any topic is healthy: it is good to doubt the very existence of this alleged author.
Dmiritri: Eventually we have to get out of the doubting game and look for things to affirm. I have found some values here that resonate.
Ying: Hmm. I find some neat art and not much more.
Frida: Well, each of us find different things . . . it is amazing that we found anything.
Dmiritri: Glad we sometimes agree.
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