Don: This is meaningless psycho-babble . . .
Cindy: I hate it when men write about the 'secrets' of women. How arrogant!

Secrets of Women

Secrets of women?
peel an onion slowly:
secrets within secrets
without end.

More often than not
women are aware of things that men hardly notice
yet this is a mixed blessing:
reality was not custom-tailored for humans
and many things appear better

Most women need emotional intimacy
to be aroused -
many men can get aroused first,
and then feel emotional intimacy.
The needs are the same,
but sequences often differ.

We must be compassionate and allow people to embrace their myths,
yet honest enough to also acknowledge every myth is an empty baloon.

Most women cherish having a at least one unrevealed secret.
Amazing how many fear that if all their secrets were revealed
they would no longer seem attractive.

One way to know a woman is to discover her shame:
Shame is the dark moon in the heart of almost every woman -
the hidden fungus that achieves balance
when aired in the light.

Most women keep their shame inside
but a few amazons are brave enough to bring it out.

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