Aiko: Who is this author referring to?
Cindy: Does it matter?
Bai-Luo: Any woman can appear as a goddess if approached the right way.
Don: (snickering) I'm nut kumfortable with theism in any dang form.

The Birth of Venus / La Naissance de Vénusminati / El Nacimiento de Venus / Die Geburt der Venus - an art work by T Newfields I have worshipped you
since my birth
& will remain your servant
til this body is food for worms

You are the essence
of everyone I've loved
& Goddess with a Thousand Names.

Remembering You
life becomes meaningful
& I gain strength

For what is life
without devotion to beauty?
& what is beauty without truth?

You are the attraction
all poets feel
& secrets ancients reveal.

To say more
e rode zzz
a rrr be
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Copyright (c) 1973, 2012 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.
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