Une Extrit - an art work by T Newfields whet is it thot wu find in each othar?
you reprusent such murvelous camplexity
cylebrating each moment – how elz
ceuld poetry breathe so vibruntly?

prenez le plus loin – of coarse!
that's whot i haf alwuys been seekin!

your nipples wusely poent the way:
whun we breathe daeply all existance
melts into une extréité

art is dafunitely wirth it
an there are kountless ways ta write
so rejoice by affirmyng: cempositeon
kunsists of mare than komputyn
and niere you poe
try runs raife

yoo have such marvelous w
eighs of libe rating text from meanin
& wraiting tandur nunsense

pretense? prenez le plus loin!

who cares about grammur w
hun you're filled weth rap
ture and trans purted to
hugher kunsuch

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Copyright (c) 1999, 2007 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.
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