Age 16 and 60: 2 Seasons of Love

Age 16 - Falling in love is a wondrous adventure & path to discovery.
Age 60 - There's no need to fall in love to "discover" anything.
In fact, love is a form of blindness preventing clear sight.
If you really want to discover someone, be a neutral observer –
Emotion reduces our capacity to discriminate.
Age 16 - Each chance for love should be accepted since people become "rich" though love.
Age 60 - Relax and avoid formal relationships in the name of "love".
Formal relations involve a lot of time, energy, and responsibility.
Since your resources are limited, it's better to simply finish off
the relations you have than to invite any new dramas.
Age 16 - When you love others, you show them who you really are.
Age 60 - Frankly speaking, people do not want to see who you are –
They're more interested in what you can do for them.
Often the best way to help others is to be invisible:
get out of the way so they can focus on learning their core lessons.
Age 16 - Physical intimacy is a blissful, tender expression of love.
Age 60 - Love's connection with sex tenuous at best.
It's possible to experience deep love without sex, and physical intimacy without love.
The real question involves energy focus:
is it better to heed sensual longings or cultivate contentment?
Age 16 - Spontaneity is a virtue. Desire should be neither invited nor spurned,
but accepted as a natural process whenever it arises.
Age 60 - Restraint is a virtue. Most desires are never satisfied – only sated.
Attending to old desires is not only exhausting, but also boring.
If you can't learn anything new from old patterns, why continue them?
People don't grow by clinging to the past, but by exploring new fields.