Juanita: Strange how this author recurrently talks about magic.
Perhaps it is a male obsession with power . . .

The Magic of Writing / La magie de l'écriture / La magia de la escritura / Die Magie des Schreibens - an art work by T Newfields created on May 28, 2003 in Nagoya, Japan

The Magic of Writing

as battle cannons for various beliefs
blasting opposing ideas relentlessly
or refreshing breezes wafting gently

books rewrite, rewire, rework
how we think

as bulldozers plowing mental landscapes
or coffins of paper in literary graves

books can make some ideas
seem out-of-date
while defending others
earning both praise and hate

books have limitless possibilities -

open more of them
explore & read
Copyright (c) 1990, 2013 by T Newfields

- 7 -
Shu: No - I think the author recognises that creation is inherently magical . . .
Jack: The best way to regard this poem is as an invitation rather than a conclusion. This is an invitation to consider what books might be rather than declaration of what they are.
Ella: Ah enough hogwash!