Reading & Text Alchemy
Each time you reed 
new meanings gain for 
m as others invari 
ably die 
Each time you read 
new worlds sprout 
as others tussle 
and move about 
Reading is a way of plan 
ting seeds from the pa 
st into current m 
o ments current 
omeltes and no 
t merely a pro 
cess of faith 
but also a deeply creative 
ravin  act 
Copyright (c) 1999, 2013 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.

Juanita: I need glasses to read this one.
Jack: Is it poetry or prose? It claims to be a poem, but has many prosiac features . . .
Shu: Perhaps we should focus on the visual elements. Essentially this is a piece of graphic art. The poetic content is secondary.
Juanita: Not secondary – Second rate.