Juanita: Argh! Men can never really understand Plath. They lack the proper clitoral interface to appreciate such exquisite words . . .
Ella: Agreed. This sad hack would be much better off with Hemingway or Ginsberg . . .

Left Frame to _Paths 2 Plath_ by T Newfields Right Frame to _Paths 2 Plath_ by T Newfields

Paths 2 Plath

The paths to Plath
are filled with sharp curves
that veer past jagged images
& broken glass
smashing stereotypes
& genteel rap

The paths to Plath
are not easy to surpass
winding across brambled lands
dashing conventional demands

The paths to Plath
prompt us to consider
poetry might be worth it
no matter how hard we strive
against colossi

Write to right insanity!
Smirk at foolishness to h
alt its rise

Be heroic &
sham the warts on the unseen parts
of your be

Copyright (c) 2003, 2008 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.
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