Jack: Oh my God - here he goes again!
Don't you think enough poets have paid homage to Focault or Satre?
Shu: You are playing the 'complain game'. I know how that game works, and it is empty. Whenever people become locked into a rigid game-set, they lose freshness, vitality, and life. How do you believe this game wil help you?



At the drop of a dime
existence evaporates
& ignorance triumphs yet again.

Since most of us will perish in a holocaust
why not write a few sonnets
for what could have been?

We should remain faithful to Shakespeare
in the face of absurdity
& make sure our acts
are better than our poetry.


What need is there of dramas
when characters hovel in bomb shelters?

Should we seek an audience of mutants
or perform for rodents still alive?

Discerning critics have suggested
neither script is viable:

it is wise to ignore
Hollywood synchophants
pulling triggers
since ignorance
screams so loudly
wouldn't it be best
to listen to the Great Silence
of the Grave?


Go ahead -
laugh at me!
You may find ignorance is superior
to ancient wisdom

Why wander past video arcades
while so many Shakespeares are starving?
Success was never an option:
examine the lines more closely.

This NEO DRAMA stuff -
what of it?

Must existence be so brutal
as rabid cancers spread?

If this is true
then it's time for a new vision:
be bold while performing
and rather than dying

Can't we be consciously heroic instead?