The Inner Critic

The Inner Critic - a digital manipulation by T Newfields
“No – that is no good!”

“Ahh – that simply won’t do!”

“What a joke – that’s so amateurish!”

“That's already been done
by others more gifted than you.”

“Do you really think anyone
will read this?”

“Why are you wasting your time
on such trivial pursuits?”

With voices like these
can anything get through?

If critics ruled the world
would there ever be
anything new?
Jack: This makes it clear how too much self-criticism can stifle our inner muse.
Juanita: I think the author has it wrong: criticism is an important part of the creative process. It should not be eliminated. However, it should come after inspiration – not during it.
Ella: I've heard such things. The initial creative process should be separated from editing and revising, right?
Shu: Yeah, and it probably takes a degree of blissful ignorance to create. Any deep study literature will reveal there's little is “new.” Generally speaking, so- called “new” works are a rehash of age-old themes.