Ron: Write off: that's what I often do when faced with things I don't wanna see.
Lis: At least you're honest about it. Many people pretend to see 'the truth' when there's so much they're missing.
Linda: You're human in ways that are both beautiful and frustrating. Some people will 'write you off'. That's inevitable. The important thing when encountering ambiguity or discomfort is to examine things closely rather than simply write them off.
Lex: 'Writing off' is a simply a cop out. It is a way of saying, "I'm not interested in things that don't fit my image of the world." The world never corresponds perfectly to any human image; it's bigger than all possible images combined.
Written Off - a digital collage by T Newfields

W R I T T E N   O F F

A day will come when poetry writes me off –
and I pass from flesh to page

All my cherished works shall become digital fuzz –
a collection of artefacts from a former age

A day will come when my words
are but fading characters on a screen
Poetry, however, has a way of reaching out
and touching souls unseen

Someday digital traces of former personality sub-routines
will flicker across networked info-beams

And in a virtual world both familiar 'n strange
cyborgs will feel queer delight
while re-assembling info-bytes.