Ron: I can't accept this kind of poem. It's too non-chalant about suicide.
Linda: I don't think so. To me, it simply underscores the importance of determination.
Ron: (chuckling) Well, it's irresponsible to write trash like this since some people will misintrepret it.
Lex: Well, no matter what we do, some people will misintrepret it. That's inevitable. The fact that we sometimes understand each other at all is amazing.
Trap - an art work by T Newfields

Rat Trap:

Transcending the Cage of Existence
Most people are so busy racing forward
that they have no idea wh
ere they want to go –

Moving without reflection
rushing frantically
existence becomes a blur

To break this loop
sometimes a powerful zap
is needed – a zen
awakening swat

Other times
a gentle system restart
is adequate

If that doesn't work
pull the plug:
why not get a new CPU?