Ron: Is this guy terminal?
Lex: We all are, though the temptation to deny such is great.
Ron: Can't we move onto some profitable affair?
Linda: Yeah. Why don't we change the page?
Lis: Sorry. Controls are not responding.
Ron: The anti-matter cells must be off line.

Terminal Velocity - an art work by T Newfields


Speed increasing
to .97 terminal velocity.
Time and space expanding.
Frame of reference
zero singularity.

Heartbeat slowing.
Brainwave activity out of range.
Metabolic rate marginal.
Neuro-electrical activity flattening.

Condition terminal.
Accelerating to maximum speed.
Thrusters releasing.
Anti-matter dampers

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Copyright 1995, 2006 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.

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