Lis: No center? Most priests say that God is the center of all things.
Ron: Naturally, that's their job. And each religion claims a somewhat different center.
Lex: Sounds more like real estate marketing than religion.
Lis: Yeah – a sort of spiritual turf war is always going on.
Ron: So this Newfields guy – where does he stand?
Linda: The poetry and art should speak for itself.

The Priest's Funeral - an art work by T Newfields (c. 1971)

The Priest's Funeral

Now he who has laid so many to rest
is finally at rest himself
& this solitary figure who guided so many
on their struggles & quests
faces upward, lips still

Buried in the same soil as previous parish priests
near pebbles carried by ancient glacial streams
his corpse rots slowly in a Hope & Dexter No. 7 casket
while a congregation of prosperous businessmen,
perplexed children, absent teenagers,
and moderately sedate housewives
chant hymns about Life Eternal
after the Final Reckoning

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Copyright (c) 1971, 2013 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.
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