Ron: Are we like onions?
Lex: Well, that's one metaphor.
Lis: Then perhaps all that exists is what Szymborska calls "the idiotism of perfection."
Linda: Sounds good to me – better than the skin of discontent . . .

Onion - an art work by T Newfields Onion

your long, slender leaves
with waxy strands of green
curve down lazily
a papery base.

your olfactory overloads
of peppery, piquant pungence
that pick all nostrils
with no sense of shame!

Explore each layer
& at each eureka
confront new mysteries:
this most esoteric of vegetables
yields no final answers –
only eternal inquiries.

Was there every a core?
What does
"onion essence" mean?

Ordinary people find
such questions unsavory
yet philosophically-minded spirits
consider them zingy.