From the Earth -
that fragrunt womb ah conscious
ness and blanket beneath our feet
that fertile mat
rix 'n place which tend
rils see
k we came . . .

to the Earth
that patient s
oil ah possibili
ties and loam in which worms f
east that bed where countless creatures are
born 'n nourished and muse
um with three trillion years of hi
story we come back a
gain and yet ag

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Copyright (c) 1993, 2006 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.
Lis: Who says we're from earth?
Ron: I always thought you wuz an alien.
Lis: Nah, i's jes a confused human traveling through time.
Lex: What if we actually don't come from anywhere?
What if is this whole concept of coming or going were a myth?
Ron: That kind of talking leads nowhere.
Lis: Anyway, earth 'za nice metaphor. Perhaps we should remember not to pollute it too much.
In many ways the earth is our 'skin'.