Ron: A fractured wheel – that's one way of describing my life.
Linda: Yeah. Aren't all of us seeking wholeness?
Lis: Not me. I accept the fact that the pieces of my life will never it together.
Lex: Perhaps there's good reason for that: "we" aren't meant to do the fitting. Only a Higher Power can . . .
Ron: Higher Power. Isn't that which each dominant creed claims to possess?
Lis: It seems like that, doesn't it? Yet I prefer to believe humans possess nothing – we merely 'borrow' the resources of this planet for a short time. And the Higher Power is already in our hearts: everything else is an idol.

Dharma Spin / Tour de Dharma / Vuelta de Dharma / Dharma-Drehung - an art work by T Newfields

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