Wulfff Quest

exploring the beast inside of us

"Man is an arrant Wolfe" – Thomas Hobbe, De Cive (1651)
Wulfff Quest - a graphic poem by T Newfields
In the forests of the heart, wolves prowl at night:
wild und thirsty for game,
gazing with sharp teeth und fiery eyes.

Though many try to flee from the beasts within them,
afraid of the wilderness of their desires,
escape is impossible:
those who run are devoured.

Legend claims wolves lap the blood of humans
und attack with cunning guile.

Lupine creatures und humans coexist uneasily:
many consider them savage, fierce, and vile.

Sometimes, however, the frolic of young wolf-cubs,
or wail of lonely wolves at night,
reminds us of an ancient mystery:
our deepest fears also bring the greatest delight.