Another Lame Pick Up

Male: Hi, haven’t we met before? I swear that I remember yer face!
Female: Yes – I’m sure you read my article in the Philosophical Quarterly.
Male: That’s it! I knew you were from academia or else from outer space!
Female: So, what’s the relationship between “Die Weltanschung” and hyper-dynamic post-relativity?
Male: (smiling) That subject merits extensive debate.
Female: Good! Let's go straight to zie bed!
Male: (pretending to be surprised) Are you implying something of a, of a, (coughing slightly) carnal nature?
Female: (feigning perplexity) Well, that’s a matter of interpretation.
Male: OK. Let’s investigate. . . .
Cantara: (laughing) With lame lines like these, no one could ever get laid!
Chris: . . . and if they do, they will probably regret it!
Tim: Hey, it the field of love all of us are lame.