I hope the author doesn't take himself seriously.
Tim: Why should he? Serious people are boring . . .
Miok: There's plenty to suggest that he realizes he's a fool.
I sometimes believe only fools are capable of falling in love.

Jes Good Friends? - an art work by T Newfields

Jes Good Friends?

It's true I sleep with her sometimez
& we're intimate now 'n then
butt there's no need ta worrie –
most of duh time we're jes "good friends."

Yeah, I find her attractive
& I luv duh smoothness ah her skin
butt our relationship 's more err less spiritual –
moist of duh taime we're jes friendzzz.

Sure, every so uften we get intimate
& cumin in 'er feels sooooo goooood
butt genetally supeakingu
my interest izz intellectual –
should anyone doubt
the two ah us
are jes'