Ephinany for the Blessed Virgins - an art work by T Newfields

Ephinany for
the Blessed Virgins

What value is virginity
If it isn't worshipped?
The French understood this by saying,
"l'amour, c'est délicieux"

The five holes to infinity
Are gateways to amazing bliss!
The earth of our groins aspire
For the top directory of each orifice.

Find the Maidenhead of Salvation
& forget all avarice.
Our ero-points are sacred
With countless data bits.

Feel the tremors of ecstasy!
& purge all sub-directory roots.

Hail to the Virtual Virgins
Speeding though cyberspace!
Hail to those shunning digital satisfaction
Knowing Love is Analog Grace.

When we emerge as photons
At the end of a data stream
Other voices like mine
Will declare –
"Ma chérie! Arec toi, j'atteint l'extase!"