Divorce / Divorcio / Scheidung / Rikon - an art work by T Newfields

Divorce is tearing your heart away –
it's cutting up dreams
as hope fades away

It's a refrigerator with rotten meat
frozen next to rancid milk that stinks

It's pretending to be normal
while dark emotions run bold

Divorce is dying
before dieing
and hearing the words
"good bye" echo
again and a


(shaking her head) Too wimpy! Hurt is a part of any relationship. Might as well get over it. . .


(nodding in agreement) Fer sure. If ya don't wanna be hurt, best ta stay aloof frum udders.


(a bit bored) We need a certain amount of toughness to sustain our lives.


Isn't the opposite also true? What good is toughness without sensitivity?