Cantara: In many parts of the world, people still do not have the freedom to express their own viewpoints.
Miok: Yeah. Lots of writers are being marginalized and censored.
Chris: . . . at one time I believed that cyberspace offered a promise of freedom, but now I'm less sure.
Tim: What little I know of history suggests that this issue has been going on for thousands of years. Is it not a perennial conflict?
I wanted to gently stroke my love's CENSORED
And write poems about his beautiful CENSORED
But the clergy couldn't permit this to be
And many literary critics agreed
So my writing was CENSORED

What is the sense in being incensed
About a small stretch
Of simple flesh?

Though some prefer whitewashing what doesn't fit
conveniently into their schemes
other writers know such things s
peak vividly & that sensuality sho
uld not B marginalized, snuf
fed out, err labeled X-rated
kuz it'za whule weigh ta em
brace the wirld & breathe . . .