All men are dickheads in some way.


Yes. We must overcome our programming and strive to be human – not an easy task.


Why not?


Instincts are often powerful. Rare is the soul that transcends all instinct.


Why is it necessary to transcend anything? Why not just be natural and relax?


You have to answer that yourself. If I give you an answer, it amounts to preaching – and that's not what I wanna do.


I dunno. There is nothing wrong with being erotic now & then – but to get stuck in any particular condition is tragic. . .

Below the Belt
Sometimes I am a dick 
A throbbing, pulsing Rod of Desire
A fire engine rushing frantically 
To quench the flames of passion 
And heat of fiery instinct 
Then I become 
A stiff, slick two-stroke piston 
Racing in and out 
And finding consummation 
When my throttle is wide open 
Passing beyond all speed limits 
Engulfed in flame.

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Copyright (c) 1998, 2007 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.
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