Miok: What's wrong with desire?
Chris: Yeah – what's the implication here? Are we supposed to renounce all desire?
Tim: How should I know? I only wrote the poem – that doesn't mean that it understand it.
Cantara: Perhaps we should remember not all desires are equal. Some are mere mindless hankerings.
Others arise from a deeper source promoting well-being.
Altered Ambitions - an art work and poem by T Newfields
Chris: The problem is most men have two "brains": one in their heads and another between their legs.
Miok: Only two? Don't we have multiple brains? I often hear voices from my stomach and throat.
My feet also frequently speak to me.
Cantara: Indeed. Also, there is an intelligence outside of our bodies. Haven't you ever spoken with trees
or felt the energy of this whole planet?
Chris: (shaking his head) Sorry – I'm not that delusional.