Gus: This poem is too dark for me.
Bill: Yeah. Ranting about the problems of the world is a waste of time.
Nadya: Often I feel that the problems we are facing are insolvable. It is overwhelming.
Liao: Relax. The human species will be around for just a brief time. In the long run, nature has a way of solving all problems.


Rubberized souls with polyester fans
blare out trash
& bark market demands
as sweet drones diet on disease
& millions die in poverty

Profit is the name of the game
& as politics turns ballistic
greed becomes the path to power
& absurdity a road to fame

"Bringing you a better tomorrow!"
a 3-D compuscreen proclaims

I yell back
clinking a button
as that memory is erased

At the same time
the Cyber-Police
receive a new directive –
modify anomaly #526-0509-3766: