A Slight Problem ...

Panic! (cpu 0 caller 0xffffff80126526ff):

"a freed zone element has been modified:
we expected normal operating parameters,
but found nil. It seems some two-bit
deadbeef has tried to offset the Source Cache."

After a backtrace, we located the problem
somewhere in Sector C4AC6CB9-04AC-1AFC-7801-919D8479ECD7.

What are your commands?
Do you wish to eradicate this anomaly
or simply continue to trace?

A baudy analysis suggests
this may be part of a hostile take over,
but diagnostics are incomplete.

Chances are several key sectors have been compromised
& disk integrity can no longer be guaranteed.

Port drivers have ceased functioning at
2014. & CPU is operating at
only 37.95% speed.

The only viable solution seems to be digital hara-kiri . . .
I await your COMMAND.