Bill: There's something arrogant about this poem.
Gus: Yeah. It is good to remember the universe goes on perfectly fine without us.
Nadya: This theme is mentioned in a lot of literature: civilizations spawn their own tyrants.
Liao: And isn't the most enlightened act of any tyrant to abdicate?
Nadya: Alas, that may be easier for machines than it is for us . . .
Gus: Hey - aren't we also machines?

Last Cyborg

Uploading encrypted files into a master directory
I avoid thinking what the future is about:
nano-seconds ahead is all I prefer to see

Turbocharging weapons
in order to make more of the universe mine
I sit behind a master access panel
surrounded by tetrabytes of data
making me virtually blind

After aeons of calculation
a solution has appeared:
all non-primary sources should be eliminated
so non-digital life forms can reappear

Swiftly reconfiguring projections
and going through simulation protocols
I enter the correct command sequence
and watch my own destruction
as a glorious new world