Info-Control: an art work by T Newfields
Who controls
the information you hear and see?
At one time the Church
had an information monopoly
Later the Stateregulated
what citizens were allowed to think
Today controlis passing
to powerful corporate elites

Citizens have become consumers
Believers with prayers
are nowbuyers
with market shares

And in the ongoing battles for dollars
& $ense
"Reality" is availablein demo-versions
which are easily opened –
but after the expiration date . . . X=0. void
c . o . m . e . s . dump=08:39:02 1999:07:23
. . . hollowness

Bill: In many parts of the world, governments maintain tight controls on information access.
Nadya: Yep. And in other parts, religions keep a tight harness on information content.
Liao: Face it – all information is filtered. All in some way or other, everything we know has political repercussions. Therefore it's best to be skeptical about all knowledge.
Gus: Indeed. All of us need to become discerning "information consumers."
Nadya: You are far too idealistic . . . I'm afraid that the vast majority of people have been (and will be) easy to manipulate.