Students That Succeed - a graphic manipulation by T Newfields

Students That Succeed

“It’s fun to make new discoveries
and find patterns within ambiguity.”

“Nothing is really difficult
if broken into chunks of the right size.”

“I’m not afraid of failing
because eventually I’ll get it right.”

“Every task is doable
given adequate time.”

With attitudes like these
even “ordinary” students
can generally succeed:

if we consider learning
as creative play
and become passionate about
what we are doing today
success is merely
a matter of time:
setbacks are
cause for reflection
but not dismay.
Melissa: (shaking her head) Is success really just a matter of attitude?
Tim: Well, according to Norman Vicent Peale, Dale Carnegie, and Zig Ziglar and many other authors, attitude plays a big role.
Satoru: I don’t think “success” can be described by a single simple formula because of the diversity of human talent and fact that success itself can be defined in so many different ways.
Liao: (nodding) For sure. Most schools probably define “success” too narrowly: a high score on a competitive exam that usually focuses on verbal and mathematical skills. Success in life generally is something entirely different.